Conditioning and Baseball Training Program in Calgary

 With so many extracurricular activities available today, it can be difficult to decide which one will most benefit your child. If you live near Calgary, AB, Strive Baseball Program offers a baseball program for youth ages 10 through 18 that increases the confidence and skills of young athletes. 

The Benefits of Our Baseball Program

At Strive Baseball Program, we understand that baseball can teach kids important life attitudes and skills. We place emphasis on not only learning the rules of the game, but also on the personal growth of each of our young athletes.

A baseball training program can be an environment for personal growth because it emphasizes the following skills:


  • Accountability: Each of our players is accountable to the program, their coaches and their teammates. They are encouraged to thoughtfully represent themselves on and off the field.
  • Hard work: Players are taught to come to practices and games ready to give their best effort, regardless of their current level of ability.
  • Dedication: We help our players be fully committed to the game and to respect their team, attend functions on time and be good sportspeople.
  • Perseverance: Players are encouraged and given the tools they need to personally improve their skills and overcome setbacks.
  • Confidence: As players improve their skills, they grow in confidence and the ability to deal with obstacles.
  • Teamwork and social skills: The relationships young players are able to build with each other and with trusted and responsible adults give them the confidence they need to interact with their peers in other settings.
  • Health: Our athletes are taught good health practices and are able to experience the results of regular exercise and activity.

 Baseball can improve the lives of each young athlete by providing opportunities for growth in a safe, structured setting.

What Sets Strive Apart

Strive Baseball program’s mission is to give youth baseball athletes a place to train with professional coaches who care and take the time to develop these young athletes. We welcome all who want to take their baseball skills to the next level, on and off the field.

We are committed to our young athletes and their success. Our coaches work with the athletes one on one and give them and their parents constructive and honest feedback about their strengths and weaknesses.

To help our players excel, we train with professional strength and conditioning coaches at a world-class facility called WinSport, where 95% of Canada’s Olympic athletes also train. We also bring in professional players who are active in the MLB to work a pro-camp with our kids. This is a great opportunity for our young athletes to meet players they have seen on TV.

If you want to experience the benefits of a professional baseball training program first-hand, contact Strive Baseball Program today. Give your young athletes the opportunity they need to succeed.