Why join Strive?


Mission Statement

Our goal is to create a high-performance environment where our athletes feel respected and confident, building relationships founded on trust through hard work, dedication, and true investment in each and every one of our athletes


Our Objective

  • Identify, demonstrate, and analyze the elements of baseball
  • Develop and enhance principles of training & condition through WinSport
  • Establish an Academic - College placement plan

Strive Baseball Program's Player Expectations


Players will show respect at all times for each other, the professional coaching staff, opposing team, parents, fans, umpires. In addition, players will respect themselves by eating properly and resting properly. 


The tenet of good sportsmanship is an important part of the baseball program. We will encourage and support our teammates and we will respectfully acknowledge opponents – win or lose. 

Display class AT ALL TIMES

Commitment & Dedication

 Players are expected to exhibit commitment and dedication both on and off the field during the entire year.

Players are expected to be on time for all practices, games and team functions. 

Work hard

Player is expected to come to practice and games willing to give 100% at all times. Giving your best effort at all times does not require you to be the best player on the team.

 Players are expected to run hard on and off of the field, to hustle between drills at practice, to run out “routine” balls.

Student - Athlete

 Student first, athlete second.

"You" and "I"

Being a member of the Strive Baseball program requires players to be unselfish. Players must understand and abide the following concept: Program first, team second, and players third.